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Software, networks, databases, app engines—these are the new disciplines of our age. Having a bit of fluency in these types of skills can go a long way in the modern world but not if you aren’t near companies seeking them.  Knowing where to go and what to expect from the local tech sector can help you apply your skills in the most effective manner.

Look at the Data

US Census data and US Department of Labor figures can help paint a general idea of the local economy in different cities. Using these numbers you can get an idea for what type of income you can expect, what type of disposable income you can expect, and also the type of housing you’ll be able to afford. Gathering and sorting all this data can be a tiresome endeavor but fortunately the good folks over at Time Magazine have already prepared it for us!

1. Huntsville, AL

Top tech jobs:

  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Specialist
  • Help Desk Support
  • Information Technology Specialist

Growth in tech jobs YoY: 309%

Early Career Median Pay:$59,500

Mid Career Median Pay:$96,400

Median rent: $950

Median home price: $152,170

2. Thousand Oaks, CA

Top tech jobs:

  • Project Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Project Manager Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Software Test Engineer

Growth in tech jobs YoY: 200%

Early Career Median Pay:$59,500

Mid Career Median Pay:$105,000

Median rent: $3,200

Median home price: $673,000

3. Phoenix, AZ

Top tech jobs:

  • Project Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • SQL Developer

Growth in tech jobs YoY: 188%

Early Career Median Pay:$58,400

Mid Career Median Pay:$96,800

Median rent: $1,345

Median home price: $216,000

4. Albany, NY

Top tech jobs:

  • Project Manager
  • SQL Developer
  • ERP Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester

Growth in tech jobs YoY: 161%

Early Career Median Pay:$55,200

Mid Career Median Pay:$87,000

Median rent: $1,625

Median home price: $175,000

5. Kansas City, MO

Top tech jobs:

  • Project Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Developer
  • Web Developer

Growth in tech jobs YoY: 157%

Early Career Median Pay:$57,200

Mid Career Median Pay:$89,500

Median rent: $895

Median home price: $207,107

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