Best Mattresses Brands: What to Watch and Where to Buy

Woman Sleeping on Best Mattress for SIde Sleep

There’s nothing like having a great mattress to sleep on every night. Sleep can help get us through even the most difficult of times and re-energizes us to take on the day. One of the most-burdensome things to move when you’re relocating is a mattress.

It’s heavy, hard to handle, and usually doesn’t pass annual performance reviews with flying colors. During a move is a great time to ‘fire’ your current mattress and commit to buying the best mattress you can afford to help improve your sleep quality. The following mattress reviews are meant to provide a quick reference anyone looking to get a quality mattress without paying middleman prices.

Modern Mattress Markets

Mattresses are cheaper than they’ve ever been, and also of the highest quality. These are two qualities not often aligned, and when they are it pays to take advantage. A few years back, we saw the emergence of a handful of mattress companies such as Casper, Purple, and Leesa that began offering direct-to-consumer sales (DTC).

This means you can go to these companies’ websites and buy a mattress directly from them rather than from a local retailer. This has allowed these brands to offer a tremendous price discount for products that are of equal quality to non-DTC brands. These businesses understand that more and more people are comfortable making large purchases online and have leveraged that aspect of retail to their advantage.

These brands offer at-home trials for up to a year to allow you to decide whether you like your purchase or not. If you don’t, almost all of them give you a free refund. Another innovative aspect of this new business model is the reliance on vacuum sealable designs—namely foam materials—that allow for easy and free shipping.

These brands are trimming the fat from the modern economy and everyone but middlemen seem to be happy about it. If you’re moving to a new city, there’s no better time to get rid of your old mattress—and there’s no better time to get a new one than right now!

The Best Mattress Brands

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of some of the best mattress brands on the market today. As a general rule, all of these brands will save you hundreds of dollars over buying comparable mattresses from local stores. It pays to not blindly purchase a mattress just because you can do so online though—there are some important factors to consider.

When shopping for a new mattress you want to consider the length of in-home-trial periods, length of warranty, shipping costs (should be free), firmness, and general review quality. All the brands that we discuss here excel at these aspects—all offer free shipping, all offer long in-home trial periods, and all have powerful warranties.

These are the best mattresses available currently and are separated more by certain material certifications, their company’s social responsibility, and additional offers such as free pillows or linens. Consider the following mattress reviews as a means of better separating which quality mattress will be the best for your lifestyle.


Casper Mattress

This mattress brand is one of the most popular of these modern innovators. Their products have seen notable dominance in the market, and they were even declared the ‘winner’ of this years South By Southwest Festival (SXSW).

There’s not really a winner officially, but most media coverage of the event agreed their rollout of nap vans and hotel sponsorship outshone all competition! Casper mattresses come with a 100 night trial, free return pickups, free shipping, and can be easily ordered from the Casper website. Casper holds some 50+ patents for the material technology used in their designs. All foams used in their products are CertiPUR-US certified, made without ozone-depleting ingredients, PDBE flame retardants, or other harmful ingredients such as heavy metals.

A Casper Mattress can offer you a tremendous increase in quality for a fraction of what you’d spend on a traditionally innerspring design sold by a third party retailer. Casper sells directly through their website as well as Amazon.

Casper: Winning The Mattress Game
Casper Mattresses are innovative new ways to get factory direct pricing on luxury brand quality. They offer 100 night trials, free shipping, and are CertiPUR-US certified.
Available Online


Zinus has a bit more diversified catalog compared to other mattress brands. Their Zinus Edge memory foam mattress has four layers  designed to provide an all-night kind of comfort. Their products are manufactured with a natural green tea extract to maintain freshness, has the patented BioFoam material in place of traditional petroleum foams, and has been fortified with ActivCharcoal to help reduce odor and absorb moisture.

For less than $400 you can get a mattress that is comparable to a $1200 memory foam mattress—delivered for free! These mattresses come with a 10 year warranty, free returns, and a also specialize in many other bedroom accessories such as pillows and foundations. Casper products are available directly online through their website or Amazon—where their Green Tea Mattress has receive more than 8000 reviews!

Zinus: Unique Materials at Astounding Low Prices
Zinus offers high quality mattresses so cheap you can’t say no. Their products make use of natural compounds such as ActivCharcoal to limit odors and preserve freshness.
Available Online


Nectar Sleep is another great mattress brand that has some seriously awesome incentive programs. They offer a 365 in home trial, free home delivery, free returns, and at the time of this review a $125 off coupon + 2 free memory foam pillows. Their Forever Warranty means that once you buy a mattress from Nectar—you’re set for life.

If it ever gets deformed, starts sagging, or becomes just plain nasty, you can get a new one. Nectar Sleep mattresses are made of five layers of different types of foams to provide quality support, body-contouring comfort, and year-round breathability. Nectar Sleep mattresses aren’t currently available on Amazon, but can be purchased directly from the Nectar Sleep website.

Nectar Sleep: Learn What You're Missing
Nectar Sleep offers a tremendous 365 night home trial program, a forever warranty, and convenient Free home delivery.
Available Online

What to Expect

The mattress reviews above all represent modern mattress brands that excel at shipping directly to consumers. Part of the innovation of these companies are their abilities to pack their products in vacuum-sealed bags, which fit comfortably in a ~5′ x 24″ x 24″ box that is easily shipped and managed. These products typically ship via popular ground carriers like UPS or FedEx.

If you’re relocating and are looking to upgrade your current mattress, it’s simple enough to just order from one of these brands and have it shipped to your new address. Simple, streamlined, and very cost-saving—you’ll soon learn why these modern brands have seen such success. All products are handled and shipped differently, and you should always check the manufacturer’s website—maybe even call them—to ensure you know when, where, and how to expect your delivery.

Final Considerations

Relocating for a new job can be a hassle that consumes lots of time and energy. You’ve got to navigate address changes, mail forwarding, cessation of utility services, deposits, and so many other things that it’s easy to succumb to the stress.

These types of transition periods in life are great times to make changes that you’ve been considering for a while though. Finding a new mattress can help make the actual move easier, and also help you begin sleeping better once you get there. Modern mattress brands such as Casper, Zinus, and Nectar Sleep offer tremendous products that have been priced at a fraction of traditional mattress brands.

Mattress reviews aren’t something you’d expect to see amass in the thousands on retailers such as Amazon—but these brands have changed the tides. However you choose to sleep, realize it is one of the most vital processes of human life. You can live longer without food than you can without sleep, yet most people spend more time deciding between Taco Bell & Wendy’s than they do on their new mattress. Have some consideration for yourself, your move, and the new start you’re getting in life!