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The Next Great City coalition is made up of diverse groups all working towards a common goal: making Philadelphia the Next Great City. The coalition includes labor groups, civic associations, faith organizations, community development groups and many more. Our coalition is expanding every day.

To join, fill out this endorsement form or call 215-545-9692 for more information.

The Next Great City initiative is dedicated to creating a positive future for Philadelphia by advocating for common sense, cost effective policies that enhance environmental quality, strengthen neighborhoods and increase our economic competitiveness

We are dedicated to making Philadelphia America’s next great city. For the past five years, over 100 organizations – representing civic associations, labor unions, businesses, public health advocates, environmental nonprofits, the faith community, and social service groups – have worked together through the Next Great City coalition to create a positive future for Philadelphia residents and business owners.

During that time, the City has made great strides in achieving the common sense agenda we put forward and created safer, healthier, and more attractive neighborhoods for Philadelphians. But there is still more to be done. Nearly 90 percent of Philadelphians believe that the City should do more to protect its air, water, land, and parks. Listening to the concerns of Philadelphia voters, forming priorities with our stakeholders, and drawing on the advice of experts, we have identified five powerful and achievable action steps for City Council to take so that every neighborhood, and our City as a whole, reaches its full potential.

You know the strengths of our city, and you are familiar with the challenges that we face. As a member of City Council, you have the power to make Philadelphia a great place to live and work.

We are asking you to work with us, and take the lead in implementing Next Great City’s cost-effective, community-supported initiatives. With your help we can: Reform the city’s vacant land policies so blighted lots are turned into neighborhood assets; improve the health of residents and grow local jobs by encouraging and creating a market for fresh food businesses; build on the city’s exponential increase in recycling by keeping more materials out of landfills and putting them to more productive use; protect property buyers from making purchases they can’t afford by providing information about energy costs; and save lives by creating safer streets for walking and bicycling.

Join us. We can’t wait to work with you to make Philadelphia the Next Great City.